I know now there is no one thing that is true - it is all true

Lyrical Lines of Simple Rhyme

The rhythm of the rain
Upon a window pane
Is a wonderful thing
Every artist should paint.

Paint in rhyme and words
Or on canvas and boards
Paint for common people
Or even stuffy cords.

The sound offers a charm
To keep the world from harm
As its gentleness comes
To take us in its arms.

The patter on the roof
Offers us further proof
That somewhere in this world
There can be lasting peace.

What do you say
About a play
That leaves you cold,
Escapes your hold?

You can lie a lot
And say what's not,
Deceive your prof,
or fake a cough.

But none of these
Will really please
No, not at all.

So drop the plan,
Do what you can
To pass the course,
It could be worse.

It was a time when life was good;
when trees were green,
the air was fresh and
the wind was soft.

We were innocent.
Everything was simple and, oh, so easy.
Whirling, running, laughing;
All movements somehow always ended in giggles.

It was a time when we felt, touched, tasted;
engulfed all that was around us
in a constant orgy of emotion.

It was frantic, hectic, wild, but it was slow and peaceful.
There was no worry that could invade our world.

  If only
  we had
  how good
  we had it.