I know now there is no one thing that is true - it is all true

Only the Names Have Been Changed

Don and I were just on our way to lunch. The man who stepped squarely in front of us looked genuinely surprised. He was actually able to catch Don before he slipped into his Mercedes to escape this encounter. Rage quickly overcame the man's fleeting glimpse of surprise.

"Are you going to get those bugs out of my program, or do I have to sue your ass?"

"Jerry, you don't look good at all when you're angry. Of course I'm going to fix your program. In fact it's on the schedule for tomorrow morning. First thing. Tell you what, wait right here and I'll get you a copy of the work order I wrote yesterday. It has a number to call if my man doesn't show exactly on time. And I expect you to call if there is any trouble. Be right back."

As Don disappeared back into the store front office, I knew it would be a while before he came back out. After all, it does take time to write up a work order.

"Is he giving you the run-around too?" Jerry asked me as he paced angrily, never getting too far from the office's only exit. There was an edge of real dislike in the question.

"No," I said simply, not wanting to tip over anything Don may have set up.

"I hope you're not doing any business with him," was Jerry's retort.

"No, I'm just a friend."

"I'm surprised he has any friends!"

"OK Jerry, here you go. Everything will be handled tomorrow morning, Don said, bursting through the door into our conversation. "Now don't worry, I'm going to take care of it."

"Sure." Jerry took the paper without even looking at it, turned abruptly, and walked quickly up the street.

A brief episode. In a way, I was an intruder in their encounter. In another way, it was played out for my benefit. It was a clear case of, "If I could just go back and know what I know now." If I had the wisdom then that has been pounded into me since then, I would have graciously let him buy me lunch, politley told him he had great potential in his new project, and then just turn-tail and run! But I didn't, and the rest is just too painfull to write about.